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Galaxies Invaded: Chapter 1

We are shifting areaship which will have to ruin a lot of insect enemies that threaten to complete complete world. all through recreation we possessing cash, and we can acquire several improvements and weapons for our ship. choices of chapter 3: five different levels large Boss great movement 30 utterly different enemies 3-D pre-render photos and animations specifically recorded soundtrack about over minutes of recreation carry out great solid effects 3 additional and a couple of special weapons 32 improvements for shipbriefings: utilize moutilize and area or arrows/wsad, z/g and x/hregimentation: - fire left_moutilize - bounce na - movement moutilize



Date: 2013-01-17 - Author: Nirvan Tags: space defender star galanga invaders insects pre-render render pre 3d ship en
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