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Online Game WordKnot

by Author Uwe Thoma - visit

An impressive 3D Puzzle game. gather the letters against the tiles the usage of the dices and form a valid phrase through placing the dices in the specific blue tiles. A game filled with logic, thoughts-bendinsideg puzzles and perplexinsideg occasions.informations: one-3. use Arrow Keys to transport the dice. Press area or use still left click on to choose the dice. use the Numeric keys(one-3-six) to rotate the scene inside threed! 2. gather the Letters through transferring the one/double(vertical) dices onto the letter. three. positioned the dices insideto the holes(blueish Tiles) in moderation to form a valid phrase. 4. you can reset Just about every stage through urgent the Reset button anytime. 5. use the hint button If that you could*t bet the correct phrase. six. use the transfer to open/shut the bridge. Double dices will have to stand vertically on the switch to activate/deactivate the bridge. 7. susceptible Tiles: Double dices can t stand vertically on these tiles. eight. cut up Tiles: cut ups the Double dices insideto unmarried kinds! nine. purple Tile: Shuffles/Swaps the letters of the double dices. one-30. Bridge Cubes: get rid of those dices to develop your personal bridge! eleven. Scorinsideg: i. you re going to loose one-30 issues per move! ii. every employ of hint will cause On your own a penalty of fifty issues! every stage winside provides you with an advantage of one thousand issues!management:



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Train your brain with Logic Puzzle Games. Your Grey Cells are activated often and you can have lots of fun while thinking. The Logic Games Folder contains online quizzes, memory style, Flash games like Bejeweld (2) original, Puyo Pop Fever, Zuma, Bubble Shooter or Bubble Breaker with gems. Connect Colors with Puzzle Games, test your Knowledge or find a Solution for tickling brain quests. Find the Match, spot the funny difference or discover treasures of the Ancient in this category.


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