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An impressive 3D Puzzle game. gather the letters against the tiles the usage of the dices and form a valid phrase through placing the dices in the specific blue tiles. A game filled with logic, thoughts-bendinsideg puzzles and perplexinsideg occasions.informations: one-3. use Arrow Keys to transport the dice. Press area or use still left click on to choose the dice. use the Numeric keys(one-3-six) to rotate the scene inside threed! 2. gather the Letters through transferring the one/double(vertical) dices onto the letter. three. positioned the dices insideto the holes(blueish Tiles) in moderation to form a valid phrase. 4. you can reset Just about every stage through urgent the Reset button anytime. 5. use the hint button If that you could*t bet the correct phrase. six. use the transfer to open/shut the bridge. Double dices will have to stand vertically on the switch to activate/deactivate the bridge. 7. susceptible Tiles: Double dices can t stand vertically on these tiles. eight. cut up Tiles: cut ups the Double dices insideto unmarried kinds! nine. purple Tile: Shuffles/Swaps the letters of the double dices. one-30. Bridge Cubes: get rid of those dices to develop your personal bridge! eleven. Scorinsideg: i. you re going to loose one-30 issues per move! ii. every employ of hint will cause On your own a penalty of fifty issues! every stage winside provides you with an advantage of one thousand issues!management:



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