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Tzolkin free Logic Game

The Mayan s hidden secret s found out. it is going to t be stopped. it is going to t be unno longericed. it ll should be confronted. the ability of Tzolkinside of is your selfrs. must your self embrace it? for the reason that the top of the sphere attracts as regards to, just one want is still. Tzolkinside of. the traditional Mayan calendar holds the important thing to mankinside ofd s salvation, or its early end. for individuals who dare to face it, they re going to need to unharness the hidden symbols inside of a complicated and talent no longer easy game in an effort to free up Tzolkinside of s mechanism.directions: combine the pieces and to find the images throughout the mystic and eye-glorious world of the Mayans. There s just one approach out. No way back. this is Tzolkinside of. The mechanism is composed of over levels. each and every level is composed of thirteen the end of each and every level your self ll free up a hidden symbol.Your objective is to free up all the over symbols.regulation: - shoot left_mouse - soar na - movement mouse



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