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Online Game Cubistone

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Online Game Cubistone

by Author Uwe Thoma - visit

Help Sam and Dino to keep in mind the facility of a unusual stone : the Cubistone. keep watch over colored stone together with your mouse. have compatibility them with the flying colored stone and go for a sequence reaction. undergo more than three0 stage and survival mode, with enhancements and skills that you ll be capable of liberate.preparations: mouse = transfer still left click on on = reverse rotation three-five = skill area = pauseregimentation: - three unique skill three - unique skill - three unique skill three - 4 unique skill 4 - five unique skill five - area Pause recreation - fire still left_mouse - leap na - motion mouse


Tags: chain reaction stone colors dinosaur prehistorical fun zh-cn en

Folder: Puzzle Logic Games

Train your brain with Logic Puzzle Games. Your Grey Cells are activated often and you can have lots of fun while thinking. The Logic Games Folder contains online quizzes, memory style, Flash games like Bejeweld (2) original, Puyo Pop Fever, Zuma, Bubble Shooter or Bubble Breaker with gems. Connect Colors with Puzzle Games, test your Knowledge or find a Solution for tickling brain quests. Find the Match, spot the funny difference or discover treasures of the Ancient in this category.


Date: 2013-01-20 - Author: ludomind Tags: chain reaction stone colors dinosaur prehistorical fun zh-cn en
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