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Online Game Mega Bolder Rampage

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Online Game Mega Bolder Rampage

by Author Uwe Thoma - visit

Volcanic & seismic activities need to have led to major havoc since the skies rain unending waves of stone and rock. put your twitch response abilities to the check out - keep away from the falling dangers whilst traversing the hazardous platforms. Your c or die endeavor to collect for the reason that slightly a couple of cash for the reason that imaginable - *money*money*money*money* assortment cash and release 9 wild and varied items - every with upgradable records. that incorporates vibrant visuals, attractive gameplay and a killer tune track, Mega Boulder Rampage provides a polished, centered and fascinating enjoy.controls: - shoot na - jump na - motion wfor the reason thatd


Tags: boulder rack dodge dash run jump fall en

Folder: Adventure Action Games

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Date: 2013-01-17 - Author: d-sun Tags: boulder rack dodge dash run jump fall en
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